Supported Living

Supported Living

Information shared from recent government and local council research indicates that the costs of those in need of assisted care in nursing homes can spiral to extreme levels that can exceed £10,000 a week. Vantage Homes, along with registered care partners and councils are creating pathways to move people out of these nursing homes to progress to assisted living accommodation, giving the individual a true sense of independence, with their own front door.

It is more important than ever to build sustainable developments to meet the needs of this growing population and the peoples care needs. At Vantage Homes, we have the capability to positively influence the social, economic and environmental circumstances of how this population lives. Housing has a fundamental role to play and it is our responsibility to create a forward-thinking and an immersive living experience for the future.

Areas of Focus

Our primary aim is to deliver exceptional developments. This could be through the conversion of disused buildings which are smaller and therefore more suitable for conversion into assisted living sites. Our smaller redevelopments are located in town centre locations, close to all amenities. Same goes for our larger developments, usually over 60 units, whereby we incorporate much needed retail space suitable for pharmacy services and other essential service type businesses based around the senior living and care environments.

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